Honey : The Raw Deal

Bee-fore sugar, there was honey. And bee-fore honey, there was, well, history of honey. According to The Honey Association,

“The earliest record of keeping bees in hives was found in the sun temple erected in 2400BC near Cairo. The bee featured frequently in Egyptian hieroglyphs and, being favored by the pharaohs, often symbolized royalty.”

Among the Egyptians were the Greeks and Romans who also used honey for multiple purposes including gifts to their Gods, medicines, and in recipes. By the 17th century however, honey fell to the wayside when sugar made its entrance. Not only did we lose a natural, rich sweetener but nutritional value as well.

So why go back to honey, which can be substituted in almost all recipes and is as delicious as its competitor sweeteners? Because it has explosive nutritional value! If you are not interested in learning these values, then I will save you now on continuing to read, however I recommend educating yourself on one of natures most healthy offerings, because you never know when a zombie apocalypse may happen…and you may need a quick cure for something, depending on whether you survive or not.

I have done research on honey, looked at studies and compared nutritional facts, and have found nothing bad, and nothing too extreme about its uses other than that its so good that you should probably not eat a whole jar in one sitting. What I have found is exciting though, and I have tried many of the great remedial, baking, and other interesting uses approved by Dr.’s, nutritionists, and moms alike.

Because the list of uses and health benefits are extensive , I’m going to cut it down to the important ones, and some uses that may strike you or interest you, then give you links so you can further your research. According to “The Worlds Most Healthiest Foods”, a non-profit foundation with goals to make a healthier world , honeys micro-nutrients (or nutrients  that we need in small quantities) , are high in vitamin B2, B6 and iron and manganese.

Vitamin B2 breaks down the macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) and turns them into energy, which everyone needs. It is also water-soluble, meaning that your body flushes it out, so it is important that you add it to your diet. It also helps your body produce red blood cells, and helps with your skin and vision.
Vitamin B6 is needed for metabolism, among other things. Iron is, well, necessary for performing natural everyday functions, and manganese helps with absorption of calcium, regulating blood sugar levels, and metabolizing fats and carbs. Take a look at your sweeteners nutritional label- does it do any of this?

Lets get to some of the fun, crazy things you can do with honey. First I must let you know, the type of honey I’m referring to is raw, unprocessed and 100% pure. That is because this honey has not lost all of these amazing and great health benefits, and it tastes so much better!

Scientists are researching the uses of honey in healing wounds, curing sickness, and treating disease. However honey has been used in most

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cultures for centuries for several of the things scientists are looking to prove or disprove. Here are some I have done and others I find interesting:

  1. healing moist wounds (due to its antimicrobial properties, which is also why it lasts so long on your shelve!)
  2. Fighting insomnia, anxiety, and sore throats (put in water or tea)
  3. Bath Time (put some in your bath and reap the benefits!)
  4. Facewash (not too difficult, use it like you would any other face wash)
  5. Shine for your hair (it also moisturizes your dry brittle ends)
  6. Boost your energy- (step away from the coffee, and move toward honey)
  7. Fruit Preserve in canning- ( 1:10 ratio of honey:water, cover the berries)
  8. Shed the 1lbs- (who needs a pill? substitute for sugar… in moderation)
  9. Allergies (a teaspoon a day keeps the pollen doctor away)
  10. Baking substitute (use 1/2 to 3/4 cups less in recipes since sugar is so sweet , also add more liquids and reduce bake time by 25 degrees F
  11. Boost your immunity (The phytonutrient properties found in honey are anti-viral and anti-bacterial, add with lemon to hot water )
  12. Moisturize (30 minutes on a dry spot and wash off, that simple. Also great for the lips!

So, next time you reach for refined sugar or artificial sweetener at the grocery store, bee sure to remember this blog and that: Raw honey is more nutritional, more versatile, and tastes much better!

If you have any other tips for use or comments, feel free to add them!



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Zuchinni Lasagna, Not Like Your Mamas!


When it comes to lasagna, the first question on peoples minds isn’t whether it has a nutritional advantage. It’s “when can we eat?!” However, add some zucchini in place of the noodles and you might get “what have you done?!”

Many people with diseases, like celiacs or gluten intolerance, cannot eat wheat products made with gluten without having horrible side effects. As a person who knows what this is like, I have come to admire dishes that provide just as good if not better taste without the wheat.                               My eldest sister was the first person to introduce me to this dish. Before that, I either ate lasagna and reaped the consequences, or just didn’t eat it. The moment I smelled the lasagna baking, I knew I had found a new favorite that not only was scrumptious and easy to make, but better than before now that I could enjoy it with my  vegetable serving weaved right in.

Now you may be skeptical about the integrity of the zucchini in a dish that is beloved and classic, but once you try it you won’t even know the noodles are missing. To add a cherry on top, zucchinis are chalked full of nutrients!  Here are just a few of the many great things zucchini has to offer:

Fiber- 10% of the RDA to be exact, keeping your digestive track in line

Vitamin A & C– these provide antioxidants that help you fight infection and disease as well anti-inflammatory agents

Potassium- the banana doesn’t get all the attention, these babies have 14% of your daily value (found in the skin so leave it on!)

Manganese- 19% of the RDA is in zucchinis helping the body to metabolize protein and carbs (good thing, since an ingredient of this dish is meat!)

As you have read, zucchini has a lot to offer to traditional lasagna. If it’s not it’s incredible nutrients, it’s the fact that it is just as easily prepared in lasagna and great for those with certain health issues. You don’t have to have celiacs disease to remove the grains from this dish either! I have shared this recipe and dish with all sorts of people and they love it just the same! Plus fewer calories and carbs doesn’t hurt 😉

I have attached a video that I did for my Food Science class that includes the ingredients, recipe , and tips. However I will share below the recipe I used. One thing to remember is that this recipe is a base and can be altered or given additions depending on your taste, health issues, or creativity! Enjoy!

Here is the link to my video:

Zucchini Lasagna Recipe:

  • 2 or 3 medium zucchini
  • 1/1/2 lb groundbeef
  • 1 jar tomato sauce
  • 1 can coconut milk (canned)
  • 1 bag mozzarella cheese
  • 1 bag Italian cheese
  • sea salt (for the zucchini prep)
  • 2 eggs
  • coconut oil
  1. 1 hour before preparing, prep the zucchini by placing your slices in a colander and sprinkling sea salt over to draw out excess moisture
  2. Preheat oven to 350 F, and grease a 9X13 pan with coconut oil\
  3. Brown 1lb of meat, add your 1 can of sauce
  4. In a bowl mix your eggs, 1/2 can coconut oil canned and 1/2 cup water, 1 bag of Italian cheese to make your cheese sauce
  5. Gently squeeze excess water out of zucchini with paper towel
  6. Place 1st layer of zucchini on bottom of pan, layer that with some of the browned meat mixture, then pour 1/2 of your cheese sauce over that
  7. Repeat step 6 for your 2nd layer
  8. Cover last layer with mozzarella cheese and bake for 45min-1 hour. Check frequently as oven times vary.



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